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Automate Customer Supports, Sales and Marketing across Website, FB Messenger, Line, Wechat and Whatsapp


Automate conversations intelligently with your customers across channels


Did you know?

The conversion rate of physical stores is 15%-20% but online stores is about 3%

Why online stores face low conversion rate

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Who are your customers?

Unlike physical shops, there is no way to view existing customers on your website

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How to sell to customers?

Unlike physical shops, you cannot have a salesperson to sell your products on your website

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How to do real time customer service?

Unlike physical shops, you cannot have a customer service representative to answer questions instantly on your website


Only copy one line of code to your own website. Automate Customer Supports, Sales and Marketing across all channels, including website, App, FB messenger, Line, Wechat and Whatsapp


Omni Channel Messenger Platform

A single platform to chat with all Website, Facebook Messenger, Line, Wechat and Whatsapp customers

  • Realtime chat with website customers
  • Integrate Facebook Messenger
  • Integrate Line@
  • Integrate Wechat (Coming Soon)
  • Integrate Whatsapp (Coming Soon)
  • Broadcast Message to customers(Coming Soon)

webchat-messenger fb-messenger line-messenger wechat-messenger whatsapp-messenger


Easybot - AI Chatbot for all messenger channels

AI powered Chatbot to automate Customer Supports, Sales and Marketing across Website, FB Messenger, Line, Wechat and Whatsapp

  • Design once, Apply to all messenger platform
  • AI NLP powered chatbots
  • Support Facebook Messenger
  • Support Line@
  • Support Wechat (Coming Soon)
  • Support Whatsapp (Coming Soon)

easybot-messenger fb-messenger line-messenger wechat-messenger whatsapp-messenger


Sales & Live Chat Plugin

Easychat chat with your customers anytime, anywhere. Thus increasing the conversion rate

  • Live Chat Plugin
  • Custom dialog theme color to match your brand/company color
  • Support both English and Chinese
  • Text and Photo message supported
  • Emoji Supported
  • Message status with sent, delieved and read


Real Time Customer Discovery and Analysis

Easychat supports real time discovery of online customers and browsing history

  • Be able to know who is viewing your website right now
  • Be able to know how your customers visit your website
  • View customers' browsing history and make a target selling list of your customers


Push to chat with online customers

Easychat allow companies to start a chat with online customers on real-time

  • Target your potential customers
  • Push to chat with them
  • Increase conversion by chat with them


Auto Remarketing Message

Easychat allows you to set auto remarketing messages based on pre-set criteria

  • Be able to have a virtual salesperson in your website
  • Be able to promote your product automatically
  • Be able to base on your customer's behaviour like visited URL & times of browsing to promote your products


Mobile Apps

Easychat supports both iOS and Android version, you can simply login to your team and chat with your customers anytime anywhere

  • Support both iOS and Android version
  • Support Push Notification
  • Provide normal user mode and customer service user mode. For normal user mode, user can browse all company with their customer services joined Easychat all over the world

google-play app-store


Website Plugin Widgets

Display your social media in the livechat plugin

  • Support Phone Number
  • Support Email
  • Support Facebook Page
  • Support Line@
  • Support Instagram
  • Support Twitter

widget-phone widget-email widget-facebook widget-line widget-ig widget-twitter

Main features

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Live Chat

Instant chat with customers within your website and mobile apps

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Active Sales

Be able to sell product directly to your online customers

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Customer analytics

Understand your customers informaton and their perferences instantly

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Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your teammates easily and effectivity to satisfy customer's need

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Chat analytics

Analysis how efficiency your team serve your customers

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Auto Reply

Setup custom auto reply message to your customers when you are unable to answer it instantly

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Browse All Services

With Easychat, user can browse all the customer services easily all over the world

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QR Code

Every team has a unique QRCode, your customers can scan the code to chat with your teammates directly

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