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How do you install Easychat on Magento?

If you do not register Easychat yet, Sign up for free first

Step 1

Login to Easychat Admin Panel

Step 2

Go to Installation page

  1. i. Input your own website address
  2. ii. Select your plugin theme color
  3. iii. Choose plugin display language
  4. iv. Copy the Easychat code

Step 3

Login to your Magento admin page, Click System > Configuation

Step 4

Under Configuration, click Design in the leftside navigation

Step 5

In the Design Editor, scroll down to the Footer section and locate the Miscellaneous HTML text area. Copy the Easychat code and paste it into the text area.

Step 6

Be sure to click Save Config, then go to your Magento store front to check out your Easychat Plugin.

That's it! Enjoy Easychat and start live chat on Magento site