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How do you install Easychat on OpenCart?

If you do not register Easychat yet, Sign up for free first

Step 1

Login to Easychat Admin Panel

Step 2

Go to Installation page

  1. i. Input your own website address
  2. ii. Select your plugin theme color
  3. iii. Choose plugin display language
  4. iv. Copy the Easychat code

Step 3

Log into the site where your OpenCart site is hosted using either a standard FTP client or the Cpanel File manager. (Many hosting companies provide File Manager access inside of Cpanel)

Step 4

Navigate to the ROOT directory of OpenCart. (This will often be "WWW" or "Public_html")

Step 5

Go to catalog > view > theme folder.

Step 6

Open the theme folder that you are currently using. "default" is the default theme. (You can find the name of your theme inside the OpenCart admin area, in System > Settings > Store at the bottom of the Template tab.)

Step 7

Go to template > common folder.

Step 8

Open the footer.tpl file with a simple editor like Notepad. Copy and paste your Easychat Code before the closing </body> tag.

Step 9

Click Save as and type file name footer.tpl (Do not forget to type the file extension .tpl)

Step 10

Save the new edited footer.tpl file on your PC.

Step 11

Replace the existing footer.tpl file on the server with your newly created footer.tpl file.

That's it! Enjoy Easychat and start live chat on OpenCart site