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How do you install Easychat on Shopline?

If you do not register Easychat yet, Sign up for free first

Step 1

Login to Easychat Admin Panel

Step 2

Go to Installation page

  1. i. Input your own website address
  2. ii. Select your plugin theme color
  3. iii. Choose plugin display language
  4. iv. Copy the Easychat code

Step 3

Log into your Shopline Administration Panel at https://admin.shoplineapp.com/users/sign_in

Step 4

Go to Shop Settings > Tracker Settings

Step 5

Click Google Tag Manager, you need to input the Code in "My Google Tag Manager"

Step 6

To get the code. Log into your Google Tag Manager Account at https://tagmanager.google.com

Step 7

Add a New Account by setting up Account Name and Container name

Step 8


Step 9

Input the Tag name and click the Edit Pencil at the Upper Right Corner

Step 10

Choose Custom HTML

Step 11

Paste the Easychat Javascript Code to the HTML Textbox

Step 12

Below choose a trigger and click "All Pages"

Step 13

Submit a new version by adding "Version Name", "Version Description" and press "PUBLISH"

Step 14

Back to Tag Manager Home and Copy the Container ID

Step 15

Paste Container ID back to Shopline Administration Panel and Click Add

That's it! Enjoy Easychat and start live chat on your Shopline website