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How do integrate Line@ on Easychat?

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Note: This tutorial is only applied on Line@ plan including Developer Trial / 進階版(API) 及 專業版(API). That's why you may need to upgrade your Line@ Plan。For plan details please follow: Line@ Plan

Step 1

Login here https://business.line.me/auth by using your own Line Account

Step 2

Register a new Line@ Account by pressing "Create a Standard Account"

Step 3

Fill in the Line@ Account information

Step 4

After Registered, go to 帳號設定 》Messenging API 設定

Step 5

In Messenging API 設定, Filled in 供應啇名稱(App name), 開發者名稱 (Developer Name), 電子郵件帳號 (Email Address), Press 開始使用API

Step 6

Please note. It will show an alert showing after enable Message API, you cannot use Line@ Mobile Apps and 1 to 1 chat too. And cannot recover again. But you can use Easychat to chat with Line@ customer on 1 on 1. If you sure, press 確認

Step 7

After enabled the Messaging API, it will show 「開啟」in status, make sure 2 available API exist, 1 is "REPLY_MESSAGE", 2 is "PUSH_MESSAGE"

Step 8

In order to integrate Line, we need to copy the below 4 value

  1. 1. App Name
  2. 2. Channel ID
  3. 3. Channel secret
  4. 4. Channel access token (long lived)

Step 9

To get Channel access token (long lived), press issue

Step 10

Enter "0" hours so that we got the non-expired token

Step 11

Login to Easychat Admin Panel

Step 12

Go to Integration page

Paste all 4 information and press "Add new"

Step 13

After Added, you will receive a new URL which is your Line Webhook, copy it

Step 14

Go back to Line Developer API setting webpage

In using Webhook, click "Enable"

Step 15

Paste the Line webhook and press "Update"

Step 16

Then press "Verify", make sure you view the word "Success"

That's it! Integrate Line Messenger successfully